Lighting uses LEDs very effectively

They have developed a range of innovative products such as LED Lighting & Control Systems, Audio & Video Control System, Integrated Intelligent System,Remote Control Appliances, etc.

Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd is a reputed name in the LED lighting industry. Presently it is widely used in many of the popular lighting is a great place to look for LED lighting solutions for various purposes. Long life span of about 22 years and a half life of 80,000 hours are incomparable to any other type of bulbs. Midview City, Singapore: LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes which was initially used as an electrical component only is now revolutionizing the lighting industry. It results in only 2-16% energy loss as heat compared to a huge 90% of incandescent lights. The availability of these tiny lights in a whopping 16. A 3 watt white LED can directly replace a 50 watt halogen lamp and is 42% brighter also.

In addition to our LED ligting control and Control Systems, Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd has over 70 different product lines and over 300 models for ODM/OEM and distribution in lighting & power control, electrical & electronic appliance control, security system, home & office automation (intelligent system), audio/video system, CCTV, internet A/V surveillance and closed-loop control system, A/V intercom system and telecommunication, air and water purification appliances, energy and facility building control system. The company was set in motion in 1988 and ventured to invest more in R&D in 1992 and started manufacturing of its own products. The company focuses on solutions that save energy as well as money. Small size and low cost are the main attractions of these wonderful creations which make them popular.

For more information on led light singapore and led down lights, please visit .7 million colors makes them cooler.The innovative edge of the company helped them in gaining momentum to invent smarter technologies.

LED bulbs of LED Driver Factory in China visible, ultraviolet and infra red ranges are easily available in the market today.

Appliance Innovation Pte Ltd. The company showcases more than 300 models and also offers discounts on bulk purchases. General lighting systems using LEDs emit no harmful UV rays and since they do not contain glass, its shatter-proof and can be perfectly used in spaces susceptible to breakage.

The advantages of LED bulbs over incandescent lights are numerous. Lower energy consumption is one of the main reasons. Industrial and Commercial buldings, hotel and shopping centres, warehouses, and residential lighting uses LEDs very effectively.

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